Custom Design Services


We have in-house 3d modeling to allow you to visualize the project before anything is made.

We have in-house rapid prototyping equipment that will allow you to have a model of your parts or assemblies within  a few days.  

We have metalworking equipment to produce the final product.

Examples of recent design projects and capabilities

Assembly and test fixtures

This fixture was designed and manufactured to provide a fast and complete test of a subassembly.  This fixture is used as the final check on an assembly line.


This fixture was designed to de-burr mounting holes in an automotive door panel. 



Laser marking

Laser marking was needed on this helical curved part made of Titanium.  We designed and manufactured a fixture to support and locate the part.  The fixture allowed us make repeatable laser markings on batches of parts.

The fixture is a custom 3D printed ABS part.

We can also laser mark stainless steel and coated aluminum. 




3D printing


We use fused filament 3D printers.  This type of 3D printer builds the most durable parts.  We print in ABS and stock black, white and blue material.


This 3d printed fixture was designed and made to hold a complex injection molded part.  The part is an automotive arm rest.  These fixtures are used to hold the part during one of the assembly steps. 



Gas manifold design and assembly