Robot Vacuum Pump

 - Vacuum pump mounts to the wrist of Collaborative and industrial robots.

- Adapter plates available for:

        - Universal Robots 

        - Sawyer Robot

Electric Vacuum Generator

 Designed specifically for collaborative robots.

-          Under one pound (450g) 42% lighter than other brands. Allows use of more of the cobot’s rated payload.

-          Small overall size.  Allows clearance in tight applications. Keeps the tool COG closer to the wrist.  

-         Low power draw.  Allows 0.3A to be used by other devices connected to wrist power.  

Technical Details:

Model:                                                CCM-14 for UR3, UR5 and UR10

Suction Rate, Vacuum:                     4.5l/min, 450mbar

Voltage, rated current:                     24V – DC, 0.3A through wrist M8 connector

Electrical Connection:                      Male    M12, 8 pin in / Female M12, 8 pin

Vacuum pressure:                             Analog signal through wrist M8 connector

Pass through IO:                               Female M12 to allow easy connection of power, analog, digital and RS485

Adaptor plates for most robot brands. Single and double gripper kist available.