Pharmaceutical Brush Washer


    Touch screen HMI

    PLC controlled

    Clear Lexan interlocked guard door

    Lighted enclosure

    Recirculation pump 

    Metering pump

    Single phase plug in power 

    Enclosure size made to match brush length



    Heated air dry

Brush Washers can be made to fit multiple size and type brushes.  The following is a list of Tablet Bottle filling machines that brush Washers can be made for:

Aylward Model number: BF-1, BF-10, BF15, BF26, BF30, ACT-305, ACT-310, ACT-315, ACT-320, ACT-510, ACT-515, ACT-520, ACT-530, ACT-710, ACT-715, ACT-720, ACT-725, ACT-730, ACT-810, ACT-815, ACT-830, ACT-9200, ACT-9300.

IMA Slat fillers

Lakso Slat Fillers 

Service Industries: SureFill 300