Robot Integration

 - Full integration services.

Robot pedestal base

 - For Rethink Robotics Saywer

 - For Universal UR3, UR5 and UR10 

 - Repeatable docking feature

 - Powder coated steel construction 

 - Modular construction to allow construction of complete mobile work cell.

Arthropod end of arm tooling

  - Modular function blocks

 - End of arm tooling baseplates

 - End effectors

 Robot Integration


Crystal Coast Machine, LLC offers complete work cell integration.  We can provide complete turn key solutions or components.  Our capabilities include PLC programing, vision, motion control and design of support equipment such as feeders, conveyors and assembly equipment.   

Steel pedestal base for Universal Robotics or Rethink Robotics Sawyer 

Painted steel pedestal base.  Base is designed to be mobile by use of a standard pallet jack.  A standard pallet jack fits securely under the base.  Available with repeatable docking.  The pedestal base is docked by use of floor mounted posts.  These posts are engaged as the base is lowered in position by a pallet jack.