Robot End Effectors & Robot Integration


Crystal Coast Machine, LLC offers complete work cell integration.  We can provide complete turn key solutions or components.  Our capabilities include PLC programing, vision, motion control and design of support equipment such as feeders, conveyors and assembly equipment.   


Pharmaceutical Brush Washers & Dryers


Crystal Coast Machine, LLC manufactures rotary brush washers and dryers for brushes used on pharmaceutical tablet feeding equipment.

All Crystal Coast Machine equipment is GMP designed.  All models support the brushes by the core.  There is no potential mechanical contact of the bristles during the washing or drying cycles.  Some current methods allow the bristles to come in contact with the washer racks.  Other manual methods allow the brushes to dry while standing or being put on a surface.  All of these current methods damage and misshape the bristles.  These damaged bristles will cause problems when installed in tablet feeding equipment.  The damaged bristles will also start shedding sooner.  Most filling equipment that use this type of brush have combs that run through them.  These combs will accelerate the brush shedding when combing through the damaged areas.  The bristles actually get torn out while the fillers are running.  Our equipment addresses these issues by helping prevent them.     

Our washers rotate the brushes during spraying to ensure all possible areas are cleaned.  The drying is also done by high speed spinning of the brush and applying heated air.  This type of drying is the fastest and most thorough type.