Custom Design Services


We provide:

 - Custom machine design and build services.

 - Control panel updates and rebuild services.

 - Custom tooling and fixtures. 



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Examples of recent design projects and capabilities

Assembly and test fixtures

This fixture was designed and manufactured to provide a fast and complete test of a subassembly.  This fixture is used as the final check on an assembly line.


This fixture was designed to de-burr mounting holes in an automotive door panel. 



Laser marking

Laser marking was needed on this helical curved part made of Titanium.  We designed and manufactured a fixture to support and locate the part.  The fixture allowed us make repeatable laser markings on batches of parts.

The fixture is a custom 3D printed ABS part.

We can also laser mark stainless steel and coated aluminum. 

 Rapid prototyping

 We utilize CNC machining, 3D printing and urethane casting for short-run tooling and prototyping.  We can print ABS, PLA and TPA (flexable material).


This 3d printed fixture was designed and made to hold a complex injection molded part.  The part is an automotive arm rest.  These fixtures are used to hold the part during one of the assembly steps.